Liveworks: Day For Night
October 26, 2019
12:00 pm
Eveleigh, Sydney
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Inner West Voices joins Alyx Dennison and Nick Wales to kick off Day for Night, the Liveworks’ annual 12-hour marathon dance party.

Performance Space says:

“The sixth edition of our beloved queer performance and party extravaganza, Day For Night, is set to take you on an epic journey through queer space and time. Immerse yourself in a series of newly-commissioned performances and exquisite installations by some of the brightest and best queer artists from across the globe. As day becomes night, join us on the dancefloor as the artists reinvent and refigure their work for the glittering unfurling of Sydney’s hottest queer art party.

“This year’s Day for Night presents a series of performances that create alternative forms of community and expand our ideas about what queer spaces can look and sound like. Often taking shape as quiet, playful or ritualistic interactions between performers and audience members, the 2019 Day for Night artists generously offer up new visions of community, before taking a deep breath and diving into the party.”